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ASHLEY WONG, CO-FOUNDER OF DOXA Research Collective, responds to questions of criticality in a time of information access and trade being done at previously unbelievable speeds, by asserting the strength of community that is now being translated online. An individual has choices: at the onslaught of heated, possibly even harsh exchange and criticism, one can leave the place of discourse and get away unscathed, unchallenged, or, quite simply, continue participating. And these sorts of communities open for discussions are now being built up with well-researched information at the very heart of them. People are now beginning to realize that capacity on the Internet, with all that it can hold and reach, may not be a matter of extension, but that of affect. A small, tightly-knit, and dedicated community may be more constructive than a social network of millions. What matters now is how each individual comes up with a personal ‘digital strategy’ in contributing to whichever community he/she wishes to participate in.

The Founding Director of RAW MATERIAL COMPANY, Koyo Kouoh, responds by noting that, despite the potential and all that they have already given to connectivity, the Internet, its networks, and the rest of social media still has no hold over more than half the world population due to lack of access or lack of interest. She reminds us that, it is important to acknowledge that online dialogue still needs to be done side by side with personal and direct communication.

About the contributors

Ashley Wong is one of the two founders of DOXA Research Collective, an intenational collective of artists, theorists, designers, architects, engineers, etc. Since 2010, Wong has been working on research projects about cultural and creative economy. In 2006, she also founded LOUDSPKR, a platform for experimental music/sound, media art, film/video, performance and multi-disciplinary arts.

Based in Dakar, Koyo Kouoh is a cultural producer and the current artistic director of RAW MATERIAL COMPANY. Kouoh also served as one of the agents at the dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012.

Mike Cocjin is a postgraduate researcher and a PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia. While completing his graduate studies on geotechnical engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he built a structure of self-reflection through images at  


On one hand, you can be constructive by creating new spaces of resources to maintain a dynamic system where knowledge sharing can flourish... Or you can be militant and resist then develop means to distribute counter-discourses and interventions.

There is no escape from the creative economy.

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Text by Ashley Wong; Annotations by Koyo Kouoh